Starting New doesn’t mean starting from the beginning

I kept endlessly searching for a moment, a sign, a certain amount of time to pass, because I thought this was something I could uncover like a long awaited gift. The beginning of the book requires the hook, the taste, and that unsatisfactory glimpse to keep a reader coming back for more. I have always wanted to be that talented. I wanted to be polarizing. I wanted to be a phenomenal leader, writer, speaker, and plain old excellent human being. It took me 30 years of life and a crack to my skull to sit comfortably with those wants already running through my veins. I am a writer. I am an incredible leader, speaker, healer, and student. I already move mountains. I have been so focused on the end game my entire life that I never took appreciation in the master of moves I made to just simply survive. To live and sit comfortably while always striving for more. I am the definition of chaotic, I always need to know what is next, what else is there to accomplish, who else can I impress, and it finally clicked that none of that really adds up to much in the end game. Sometimes there isn’t a moment, sometimes there’s simply a heartbeat and the world either changes forever or stays just the same. I am choosing to let all the little things fall where they may. I am simply going to continue to show up, practice the things I love most, and continue to be brave. I will still always have endless energy pumping through my veins, but I suppose I have discovered a little faith, a bit of trust, and a confidence in this thing we call life. Call it a brag, call it a comeback, or call it brand new but either way I am here. Piece by piece.

Welcome to my blog. I also have dreams to turn up a podcast here shortly. I want to capture all the good and share it with many. I am taking off the armor for my own life journeys because I am a survivor of Dermatomyositis for the last two decades of my life, and recently a skull fracture requiring a craniotomy. While you may not be interested at all in those stories one person out there may be so I am going to use my experiences to lift others. If you have a story I want to hear it and share it here. Community can also be built little pieces at a time. Welcome.

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