New Podcast & Why

In case you are having a day where you can’t stand your own voice let alone others I figured I would also provide a blog post narrating in writing vs. audio the new podcast.

“Krystal, you are a writer, why start a podcast”? Honestly? Why not? I love to listen to podcasts. Look, I love music but I work a very stressful job, and for whatever rhyme or reason music does not help me concentrate more on my job. In fact, when I play music I just sit back in my chair and pretend I am in music videos. I do not dance nor sing along, but I literally will sit in my chair mindlessly thinking of fake arguments or walking into meetings to the current song blasting in my ears. I am freakin weirdo – I know. However, I can listen to podcasts. I love to learn and I love to hear about journeys, accomplishments, tragedies, and you name whatever else. I am nosy. I love to hear about life through the mindset and hearts of others. Also, get this, I am a talker. I love to talk. I love to narrate. So, a podcast was born.

What will we discuss? Everything and anything. I did not want to be constricted by a subset category. I have done that in the past with my writing adventures. Oh, I am only going to write about my traumatic childhood with Juvenile Dermatomyositis – 20 years ago! Oh, I am only going to publish recipes. Oh, I am only going to write about really….nothing. Lame. Too constricted. I have opened Pandora’s or Krystal’s box. I am putting it all on the table. Want to hear about Autoimmune disease, traumatic brain injuries, craniotomies, recipes, Rayann going to school, grief, laughs, buttcheek paintings, and even more random stuff? Listen. That easy.

I created this podcast and blog to show up. I am so over being limited by what I have believed for my whole life were my limits both physically, mentally, emotionally etc. I am choosing to just do the things I love. Write. Writing requires courage and up until last year it became clear to me I had a lot of courage but not quite enough to sit alone with myself. Now, I have all that courage and more. I can discuss my childhood, my past, my future, all of my experiences. All of that while not being too afraid of what you may think of me, because even if you know me, this is my way of honoring myself. Showing up. Sharing my experiences, stories, laughter, joy, and sometimes pain with the world. Why? Because, I wish someone was doing this 20 years ago. I wish I read about someone having similar experiences to me 20 years, 15 years, 10 years, shit 5 years ago. Hearing others stories reminds us that we all are human. We can provide compassion and comfort and not even have to be in the same room.

So, here I am. Being me. A writer, a leader, a visionary, a short girl that loves to laugh, and now a podcaster? Join us. We want to hear your stories. Piece by Piece.

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