Social Experiment – Curiosity always gets the Best of Me – Does abstaining from caffeine make Me Smarter?

Social experiment, because I am not a real scientist. Wasn’t that so easy to admit? That I am on the Internet but not a scientist? Crazy World we live in! Scientists are in abundance! If you lack the ability to feel my humor through my writing at this point please exit the stage.

Yes, I Krystal Renee am going caffeine free for at least 14 days. I am currently on day 6 as I write this. Why? Well, in full transparency something I really am attempting to practice now I am abstaining for two really dumb reasons. One, because in true addict form if I can go 14 days without caffeine and decide I have no desire to “stick with it”, well, my next cup of caffeine is going to light me on fire. I am already unstoppable but I am a warrior with caffeine. So, 2 weeks without it I am hopeful I can set a record for getting many things done in a solo hour let alone day once I detox my body. That is not the main reason my curiosity was peeked but I thought I would get through the drug analogy first so that if you choose to judge or hate me, again feel free to exit.

The real reason: will it make me smarter? If this is the first post you’re reading from this website please know that I am both a visionary, an Aries, and at the root of everything I am is a fighter. I never ever give up. You may choose to see that as a problem and in certain lights, yes, we can discuss at another time, but being a fighter at the root of everything I am has not only kept me alive but it makes me successful. Call it an ego or call it curiosity but I have got to know. I lead implementations in my real non dream World job. I host think tank sessions with many different levels of expertise, skillsets, and education. Lately, when driving these implementations I have come to know a small group of people I will label as “smart”. Very small group of 3 total people. I love when my knowledge is stretched, tested, and I usually fall in love with the people that make it snap. Insert Dillon and a few of my mentors here under the breakers and snappers of my brain’s elasticity. If your brain is not challenged, if your work is dull, and you aren’t stretching even a tiny bit well then in my opinion you’re dying. While having many conversations with these new “smart” people I learned they do not drink caffeine. I lead calls the same way I write. I have fun with it. Let’s ask the hard questions but also let’s talk about farts occurring on Zoom calls. One day during a random afternoon I asked ‘okay, what caffeine of choice did you guys get this afternoon”? Guys, I was shocked. What did they mean they do not drink caffeine? They are online as late as me some nights, 7pm, 8pm, and there they are chatting with me about what next we are all building. And, they are smart! They make me scratch my head quite often! I have to know. I have to know how they think in the smart ways that they do with zero caffeine, and if it makes them smarter?

I get it, how dumb Krystal. Is it really though? Caffeine ramps up the nervous system. I have always been able to drink caffeine with no side effects, or have I? I don’t get jittery, I don’t feel sick, it doesn’t keep me up all night, but I also don’t feel like I need caffeine everyday of my life it just became a habit. Breaking habits is a form of mental exercise, and it’s been hard!

How is it going so far? Good. I am on day 6. I was an idiot and started the detox the same day I began mensuration so the headaches were especially lovely, but I abstained nonetheless. Here I am on day 6. Why 14 days? Well, I read that while caffeine is out of your body in 24-51 hours if you quit cold turkey the real calming of the nervous system takes about 9 days. Drinking caffeine supplies your body and nervous system with a false sense of dopamine and adrenaline. I am not only curious to see if I feel any different but if I behave any differently. I did not drink a lot of caffeine each day, contrary to popular belief. Never more than 200mg which is the recommendation not to exceed. So far so good. Other than noticing caffeine is in nearly everything! Come along with my journey and let’s see if I get smarter, faster, or better? Maybe it’s just a big waste of time but I have got to know, guys! If I have a question I have got to figure it out! Welcome to my experiment.

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