Caffeine Free Challenge Ends but Abstaining Remains

If I write everyday then I am a writer. Factual. If you exercise on a regular cadence you are a person of fitness. These last few days I have been at my wits end. I think my brain is done being elastic and is just snappy. Been a little less engaged and disappointed, but here I … Continue reading Caffeine Free Challenge Ends but Abstaining Remains

Myositis Interview – Myositis Awareness Month!

I’m so honored and humbled by this episode Especially as a girl living with Dermatomyositis for 2 decades - leave your feedback for V and me!

Myositis Awareness Podcast

Social Experiment – Curiosity always gets the Best of Me – Does abstaining from caffeine make Me Smarter?

Please know I am not a clinician in any way shape or form. This is a social experiment to my own living breathing body. If you wish to detox from caffeine and have some type of weird condition that caffeine is beneficial to - CHECK WITH YOUR PHYSICIAN! Read more here:

Zoom farts and Life Advice – Podcast Episode

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Zoom Farts and Life Advice

New Podcast & Why

In case you are having a day where you can't stand your own voice let alone others I figured I would also provide a blog post narrating in writing vs. audio the new podcast. "Krystal, you are a writer, why start a podcast"? Honestly? Why not? I love to listen to podcasts. Look, I love … Continue reading New Podcast & Why

No Guardrails

Imposter syndrome. Seems like the diagnose has been at the tip's of everyone's tongue this past year. Now, I won't lie I have heard it about million times. I see people I know use it on a regular basis, however, I have never bothered to try and understand it on a deep level. Why? For … Continue reading No Guardrails

Starting New doesn’t mean starting from the beginning

I kept endlessly searching for a moment, a sign, a certain amount of time to pass, because I thought this was something I could uncover like a long awaited gift. The beginning of the book requires the hook, the taste, and that unsatisfactory glimpse to keep a reader coming back for more. I have always … Continue reading Starting New doesn’t mean starting from the beginning