Myositis Interview – Myositis Awareness Month!

I’m so honored and humbled by this episode Especially as a girl living with Dermatomyositis for 2 decades - leave your feedback for V and me!

Myositis Awareness Podcast

Social Experiment – Curiosity always gets the Best of Me – Does abstaining from caffeine make Me Smarter?

Please know I am not a clinician in any way shape or form. This is a social experiment to my own living breathing body. If you wish to detox from caffeine and have some type of weird condition that caffeine is beneficial to - CHECK WITH YOUR PHYSICIAN! Read more here:

Podcast Episode: Make Me Think Series – Success Vs. Hard Work & Defining Both

Comment below on your feedback! Click the link to listen! A new series is born! Make Me Think. Post your dumb stuff on the Internet and maybe we will bring it here to discuss.  Welcome to the great debate. What is your definition of success and hard work?  Learn about how we became fruit farmers. … Continue reading Podcast Episode: Make Me Think Series – Success Vs. Hard Work & Defining Both

Zoom farts and Life Advice – Podcast Episode

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Zoom Farts and Life Advice

New Podcast & Why

In case you are having a day where you can't stand your own voice let alone others I figured I would also provide a blog post narrating in writing vs. audio the new podcast. "Krystal, you are a writer, why start a podcast"? Honestly? Why not? I love to listen to podcasts. Look, I love … Continue reading New Podcast & Why

No Guardrails

Imposter syndrome. Seems like the diagnose has been at the tip's of everyone's tongue this past year. Now, I won't lie I have heard it about million times. I see people I know use it on a regular basis, however, I have never bothered to try and understand it on a deep level. Why? For … Continue reading No Guardrails

Starting New doesn’t mean starting from the beginning

I kept endlessly searching for a moment, a sign, a certain amount of time to pass, because I thought this was something I could uncover like a long awaited gift. The beginning of the book requires the hook, the taste, and that unsatisfactory glimpse to keep a reader coming back for more. I have always … Continue reading Starting New doesn’t mean starting from the beginning